Friday, November 27, 2009


I've arrived in Valparaiso to be welcomed by Martina and Enzo and all the wonderful people at Villa Hostal Kunterbunt...just feeling home! Not only I can see Valparaiso and San Francisco geographical similarities but also this old house reminds me of my old carriage house where I live. The morning of Thanksgiving ( also my 59th birthday)I went to visit the Pablo Neruda's house in Isla Negra (some 60 miles south). That was his favorite house and where he wrote many of his poems. A beautiful house on the cliffs and in many ways of very simple construction but so rich of life, art, dreams and love... I was so ecstatic to be there and to feel the vibrant energy coming from all of it that I didn't care to be one of the many visitors and to be in line and to be ( after all) in an other tourist trap. That place has a magical power that can be felt only if one is there. Anyway! I came back to the hostel and after resting a bit I was invited in the living room and Enzo started playing old 33 and 45 records and it was faboulous! There was also a guitar teacher (Sandro!) and together we jammed for a long time. Than more friends joned in, including the nice of a dear friend of SF, that I contacted earlier and together we had a great party that lasted until very late! It was just fabulous! Today I got my new back brake pads and I'm ready to go but I decided to stay here an other day and relax in this beautiful small city. I will ship my bike back from here and so this is my last camp base to return to after the next leg of my trip. A very good place to come back to.

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