Monday, November 9, 2009


Last night we arrived in Lima and landed by chance in a very charming ( and a bit run down!) Hotel . ( the Gran Hotel)... that it happen to be rigth in the center of the old Lima....So today I did a long walking all around the historic center of this 7+ million people.
I visited churches and inquisitions places and museums, and I got a big fix of catholicism...plenty infact. But hey! The art work and the architecture are great!
Too bad that the church did so many horrible things everywere and all the time...from "holy" wars to burning thousand of innocent name of the love of (its)god...oh well.
The city is noisy, polluted and crowded, but I got a feeling of less neurosis than in other places...
Under the San Francisco church there are mounds of bones belonging to at list 25thousand people...I wish I was here for Halloween. Well. Next time!
Ice cream good, parillata too big...but sooo good! I'll have to start a vegetarian diet when I'll be back.
Tomorrow we'll ride toward Cuzco...brrr!

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