Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It exists!

We finally found it!
La Mitad del Mundo! The middle of the world!
A great tourist trap worth every penny!
But apparently its position it’s not really accurate, so we didn’t even bother to try the water trick…
that anyway I believe it is a trick (supported by science too)…
But it was fun to be in line to step above the painted line that separates the two hemispheres with all the other excited visitors, and to be ( on our bikes) the subject of many of their pictures too! Ecuadorians are very nice and gentle and always very curious (as everyone else) about where we come from, were we are going, the size of the engine, the speed, the cost, the gps, the radios etcetera…
We even rode back about 15 miles to do all of this…but we have no regret!
And the bras that are hanging from the monument are not from the Equator’s fans but from women supporting the breast cancer research.


  1. Amazing! I've been off the computer for a few weeks and it is hard to imagine you are already in South America! Tell Karl a huge north swell is on the way and it should totally make it to the SA coast. All the best from us.