Saturday, November 14, 2009


A place to remember....not only for the colonial beauty...(although, despite the wonderful art work I'm gettig a big sick of the glorification of the "conquistadores" and their religion bathed in blood and gold...)
The cathedral is stunning and so the little streets and the massive doors and the, thanks to tourism the city is really well organized, clean and with good choices of food.
But this place will be remember by us as the place were Karl had an other not so good surprise..
Last night, at the return from the train ride Karl started feeling very cold and had stomach lasted all night and it did get worse so this morning at about 6 am I asked for a doctor at the front desk... the receptionist made a quick call and in 10' an ambulance arrived and a doctor was visiting Karl, excluding a classic tourist altitude sickness and instead suggesting a blood test for salmonella. So we rode on the ambulance back to the clinic, were we were welcomed by smiling nice nurses, then checked the vitals and drawn some blood. In about 30' we got the results... positive for salmonella. Few pills, more smiles and a bill for $90... yes ambulance included! Should I make any comment on an almost impossible comparison with USA (# 1!) health system? I will let you draw conclusions.
Let's just hope Obama's plan will change things a bit!
Anyway. The most important thing is that Carlito is getting better, resting and meditating on future eggs or mayo eating( although it could have been anything), and in his future diet for the next week.

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