Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So we are in Peru. In Mancora. Were there is a huge surfing December!...
Still the beach is lovely and Karl got a chance to ride few little waves...and it's not hot!
The border crossing from Equador to Peru' was painless (!!!) and fast.
Equador left a good impression on us. Beautiful country,nice people smiling and helpful everywhere. Quito was ok but it was raining and we realized that big cities are not our favourite. Traffic a mess, very stinky of diesel fumes and noisy.
Talking to the locals and listening to the news on TV ,from a different perspective,about the world and politics,is very refreshing. Hearing the world "socialism" not as a scary concept but just as a different way to take care of things make the difference. Corruption is an issue but I think corruption ultimately is everywhere,yes even in country number one!
Anyway. We are doing good and now trying to organize a tire change in Lima...An other huge city that we will have to brave!

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