Saturday, November 21, 2009

chile (s)

So I'm in San Pedro de Atacama now...
After "resting" two days in bed in Iquique. Bed toilet to bed to toilet I should say.
I am skinny now. Not fun really.
Karl left for Santiago, were he will have a hot date with Emily...soon!
He's happy!
She should have with her my new GPS so that makes me very happy.
Don't know were exactly Karl is right now... somewhere south! No news, good news.
Today at the end of my ride I had guts pain so bad I had to stop in the middle of the desert...but I found a nice hotel in this supernice but extremely touristy town were I will rest my belly for an other day.
No pictures this time. Just imagine. If you really want to.


  1. Say hydratedbro, get some fresh lemmon in your water if you can for eletrlytes, have you seen a dr? Take care.

  2. Hey AL I hope your Okay! your trip is amazing! I bought an 08 KLR 650 last week! I am looking forward to riding with you some day!

    Darren B