Monday, November 23, 2009

Desert desert and more desert

Good thing I love the desert because this one is big! Huge! Incredible!
And beautiful. San Pedro de Atacama is rigth in the middle of so much beauty and diversity...and is a perfect place to actually, rest, eat well and to meet nice people. I took a bus trip to la valle de la was fun and stunningly beautiful.
The little museum also is very nice and shows that Incas were here before the spaniards ( the church is from 1500) and the gold work and the artifact of 2000 years ago or so are amazing. The more recent history of the miners is also quite interesting...
I left this morning late and I headed south. And passed the Tropic line!
I finally feel good and I can keep going without fear of getting again pain in my guts. There are mines,and miners, all over in this area, but I'm told that there are also vineyards... haven't seen any but I'll try to find the wine. It's so dry here. Maybe prosecco?
Karl? Not sure...I believe he's in LoveLand...

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  1. So are you on your own now? Be very safe my friend.