Saturday, November 14, 2009

Machupicchu could be defined as a tourist trap, expensive and overcrowded but still it's a breathtaking place!
We could have taken different ways to approach the site with our bikes, but we opted for the one that made it easier for us , considering the rain, our tires not exactly in great shape and the desire to do something new, as a train ride in this magical valley.
The train from Cuzco is 3:15 hours...long long hours in a very small seat, especially for tall tall people. The view is great! Valleys after valleys following a raging river dark chocolate color by the recent rain. Vertical peaks and tropical vegetation...
Then the terminal, and a bus ( more$$!) to the actual ruins( more$$!).
An other ascent this time on a muddy road not always exactly wide enough for two busses at a time...and the drop in the 2000feet valley( few inches from the almost bold tires) it really made me sweat few times, considering I was on a window seat...drivers seems totally confident so just trust the Universe!
Then the old city! Incas? Aliens? Whoever was here and did this it's impressive!
No words to describe the feelings. No words to describe the beauty, the majestic of the nature...everything...I was and I am speachless!
And we even got a rainbow!
So go see it!
But stop at Aguascaliente and spend a day on the hot springs...A day back and forth from Cuzco is truly exausting.
We'll possibly talk about Cuzco later.

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