Friday, November 6, 2009

More Peru....

The road from Mancora to Trujillo is a long flat streight long flat streight long flat streight uneventful road...desertic and undeveloped, made exception for few villages by the name of Nueva Piedrita or Arena Blanca or Mala Vida... very simple shacks made of sticks and mud, old cars dusty and dilapidated and lots of tuc-tucs overloaded with al sort of costruction materials...
Good time for meditation and chanting in my helmet...and Karl's acrobatics.
The only stop, at a gas station was the higtlight of the day...we had a very nice talk witha local policeman that told us:"Matchu Pitchu will give you the sense of the strong spiritual energy of this country and you will feel the magic of the universe..."
and the smile of the kid that cleaned our stop lights was priceless..
Then we entered Trujillo and we found the hostal "backpackers" super nice people.
We spent the last 24 hours trying to set up a tire change in Peru'. On email, on the phone and with the help of all the extremely helpful staff of the hostal! But we might end up doing it in Iquique. 300 km south of the border. We think that it will work. ( Thanks Annette!)
It's cold ! And we are on the coast! And it has been cold since we crossed the equator line! Surprising but so pleasantly unespected after two months of smoldering heat!
Truijllo is nice, although it seems that people here honk their car horns constantly like anywere else creating an incredible cachophony. Contemporary musicians?

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