Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This morning we left Lima…to get lost in the maze of this huge cahotic city . I even got rear ended by a scooter! So we asked direction to two cops on motorcycle and they ended up escorting us out of the maze even using the siren to make it faster…and they were so nice and smiling!
After we made it to the freeway we rode for a long time in an ever changing desert ...really beautiful.
And cold! Equator still surprising us with its temperature.
Then we had a quick stop at the look out tower for the famous Nazca lines ( I defenetly would suggest a bit of a search online). Not impressive view but still amazing to be in this sacred place.
Then we made it to Nazca…that we were expecting as a small dusty anonymous town…but it surprised us quite a bit! Full of life and business, new sidewalk were one can actually walk safely, cafes, restaurants, hotels…people smiling and really busy…clean and not so chaotic…and a lot of water for one of the driest regions of the world.
I had to enquire about this , considering that we are in the middle of nowhere…so I was told that the new stuff is because of the recent earthquakes and the wealth …because of tourism…great! It seems like it’s working good here!
So we had pizza and pisco sour…and chocolate cake… again defenetly planning a diet for my return.

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