Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Crossing the border was a bit long but quite easy. So we were happy to have lunch in Arica, just accross the border and we left for Iquique some 300km south...and no gas stations in between... and we didn't fill we had some doubts on that when the odometer started reading 258miles...(estimated ins 260....)...and around us , in front of us and behiand us was ...yes desert...beautiful, but still desert...real desert(it has not been raining in 20 years!)... and the little towns marked on the map were either few dusty shacks or..not existing...
fortunately one of this ( at miles 258)shacks was the mansion of a nice local that was happy to give enough gas to us to make it trough...and he could have even asked for more that we would have been happy anyway!
So we kept going and we made it to a gas station, than to Iquique, Atacama desert!... We were expecting a much smaller town. But we managed to find a decent hotel, even at dark, and this morning we went to the shop and had tires and oil change. Fun and nice people there!
... now...since last night i got intestinal problems... pretty intense...
Carlito is getting better... me ... not really...even one glass of water takes only max 20 minutes to get expelled...
a true cleansing I guess...I needed after all the evil I ingested... I just hope the meds will work soon. Maybe I'll get skinnier!

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