Saturday, October 31, 2009

Were is the equator?

Well... it's not marked very well ( if marked at all)... so we missed it! Karl's gps is working quite well and we know when we passed it...and the map was even showing a "monument at the equator" but we didn't find it! Bummer!
So it was an un-cerimonial disappointing passage. Oh well! Next time!
And we didn't have a chance to see if it's true that the water in a funnel on one side of the imaginary line spins right and on the other spins left...a mistery that will remain a mistery.
Maybe our friends riding after us will have a chance to do the test. I don't think I want to ride back for that.
Then we made it to Quito...the capital. Cold and raining...the old colonial part of it is quite great but the thin air (2800mt)is so polluted by diesel fumes that is hard to breath. Still we managed to walk around and enjoy the happy chaos and the working life of the city. Not many gringos here. In the "center of the world". and we missed the view of vulcanos too, thanks to the fog. Oh well. Next time!

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