Friday, October 23, 2009

Sailing trip

It would take me a loooong time to describe the last week...A trip within the trip...
and to send out images to document it...
So I will just give titles of possible chapters:
Wunderbar or the hostel from hell.
The Golden Eagle or the ship in hell ( as hot as hell).
San Blas islands or the paradise also hot as hell.
A great group of people on the boat that made hell bearable.
The best lobsters cooked on wood fire ( do we get that in hell too?).
Were we sinking? No just 8" of water under board...oh what the hell!
112F and waiting prisoners on the boat under a scorching sun (shade didn't help)for some stupid passport stamps...that was 5 hours of real hell.
But now we are in a cool(AC)hotel in beautiful Cartagena and all seems so far away...
And then dolphins, sharks, sea stars, canoes carven in trees trunks, sunsets and white sand,pelicans...
Karl was a sport...he got so sea sick! But he braved it all. He doesn't want to hear the word ship or boat again...Me...I loved it. Would I do it again? No.
It was great and hard at the same time.
Seeing the bikes lifted by strong giant locals and hoisted on the ship was incredible.
Seeing them on the road again and riding them even more satisfying.
Having ice cream last night it was heaven!
Tomorrow going south again! Toward Medellin. Hopefully a bit cooler. Still about 100F in this lovely Caribbean City.

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  1. WOW..sounds absolutely amazing and I bet that was the best ice cream you've tasted!
    Glad to know you guys made it!!!!
    love to you both maties