Friday, October 2, 2009


So we left at 6;30 am Chiquimula (Guat), were last nigth we had a nice parrilliata after watching a parade of scooters with all kind of conbination of passengers ( see pics).
The crossing from Guatemala to El Salvador was very long and confusing so our plan to make it in a day to Nicaragua seemed dimming a bit. And even more after in El Salvador capital we got lost due to a deviation on the freeway that sent us in the middle of a extremely chaotic and knowingly dangerous city....we got help from a truck driver that was so willing to save us that even stopped on a very busy street to give us directions to get out of a scary maze were signs and directions don't other extremely helpful person finally gave us the final directions. He was so nice! and ended up apologizing and warning us about the fact that his country was not safe.
So we made it to the border with Honduras late...and ... a couple of miles before the border on a seedy road we were literally assaulted by groups of people that freaked us quite a bit...sort of zombie movie type...they were jumping in front of Karl waving their arms like trying to grab him so he decided (rightly so )to accelerate while I was beeping and swerving behind him sort of showing that I would have hit them....quite disturbing!
But we made it to the aduana, to face an officer that told us that we had to go back to have papers stamped...back right were the zombies were... ... no way! So after protesting they gave us an escort to go back. The all deal apparently was( !!!)that this people wanted us to stop ( yes so aggressively) so they could be "hired "to do the paper work! We also learned that in the morning an other party, also unaware of this strange thing, run away totally paniching and they had to be escorted back too... all very weird, and ultimately very dangerous for all.
Anyway, paper work seemed also very very complicated so we had an "official" helper that I'm sure might have got out a lot of extra money from us...but ( after 3 hours )we finally made it out of there (hopefully with all the right papers...) and also in a rush too, due to very shady gangs of young people gathering around us in an increasing darkening smoldering, increasing uncomfortable evening...
Now we are in San Lorenzo, Honduras, in a nice safe hotel were we had some tasty food, where internet works, air conditioning too and I enjoyed a nice swimming pool with a nice full moon reflection in it...
Tomorrow Nicaragua . Wish us well!

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