Thursday, October 1, 2009


Too hard to describe the beauty of all of this!

We are in the Jaguar inn right hundred yards away from the entrance of the ruins and inside this huge beautiful natural park.

So we had breakfast then we walked right in…. and after 5 minutes walk we had a chance to see spider monkeys in acrobatics. We were the only people around and they felt very confortable in jumping and eating just above our heads.

So we kept walking for hours, chatting away, through this very nice paths surrounded by thick jungle ,following small signs that took us from ruins to ruins…. Dozens! Some just small mounds of stones still to be restored but some truly amazing majestic buildings towering over the dense forest. We claimed few of them and everytime the view was just stunning.

We got also totally soaked in a burst of monsoon rain but it was just a refreshing blessing from the sky.

We had a decent lunch inside the park and we kept walking.

Then we went back for a little rest and we walked again in the main plaza of the ruins were we enjoyed, just us and the monkeys, a very quiet and magical sunset.

The road from Antigua was very very long and uneventful and defenetly a considerable detour from our route but it was worth it!

We are close to the border with El Salvador now ...crossing tomorrow...

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