Friday, October 30, 2009


So we just left Colombia today...A country we loved. Nice people, beautiful, clean, on the move,organized and where the police never asked for bribes and they always smiled( the only one!). To use the words of the smiling last person I talked with: Colombia is not a country only of drugs and guerrilla, we are nice welcoming people and we are proud of our country...tell your friends.
Crazy truck and bus drivers though! We saw absurd dangerous manuvers that made us screaming in our radios, all over this twisted roads...but not many accidents!
We are officialy in the Andes now! (Dagli Appennini alle Ande!)
Few miles from the Equator line and it's cold! But we are at 2500m of altitude after all! And it feels good! A nice gift after waiting in the heat for hours to get the bikes papers stamped.
Anyway. Happy Halloween to all. We are working on our costumes...

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