Sunday, October 25, 2009


Cartagena...really nice! A definite carribean flavor here! A party town too!
Food is great, people are smiling and fun.
We had a lovely afternoon walking around and drinking fresh tropical fruit juices...
We also encounter some people from the ship ride and we chatted about our different destinations...
Some were backpackers, some just coming back home to Colombia,a guy was riding all over the world on his bike since 8 years ago, then us, then a lovely couple on the same bike... very diffent personalities and stories and travelling style and all confined in the small space of the ship for 6 days, sharing good time, hard time, chores and fun...and all went well! Good job to all!
Anyway... yesterday we left Cartagena and we stop almost half way to Medellin. In a little town were not many tourist might stop...but I was tired and some rain convinced me to stop.
Infact I cut in front of a local small bike and even if he braked he ended up hitting me on the side and I went damage to anyone or anything...thanks to the muddy road and the slow motion of the impact... just quite embarassing... I have no pride left anymore!
Today we made it to Medellin. The countryside is beautiful. A nice river, rolling hills becoming lush mountains...fresh air... but then Medellin is hot again and a pretty chaotic town,not so appealing, at list as a first impact, so we will stay just the time to do laundry ( we stink!) and to fix few bolts getting loose on my bike and a couple of bolts broken on Karl's rack.


  1. Hey Guys Fil here, well your trip is incredible to witness! Stay safe and have fun!

  2. Hey Alessandro, Been following your adventures. Looks like a lot of fun and hope your bike holds up ok. Your friend Carl is a brave dude hauling that surfboard around with him. I can hardly imagine doing that but I guess it works for him.

    Anyway, stay safe and keep on keeping on.