Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So we are in Panama’…Right now is Santa Catalina at the end of the road from Sona’. Locals are a bit territorial but otherwise a nice surfing spot. The roads we traveled to here were quite beautiful, winding trough fluorescent green thick jungle, fire engine red dirt and smooth pavements.
The border crossing was almost smooth made exception for assisting to a strong punch given by my “papers helper” to someone that allegedly was trying to get my wallet… or maybe to get his job… … it will be for ever a doubt…but it was sort of disturbing and anyway an other reminder of how brutal the world can be outside our protected daily bubbles…
On the freeway I had a traumatic chicken encounter( more for her than me…)…I take it as a good luck sign of self immolation. A blood sacrifice as a good omen for the future… the creature was waking all the way to the left when she decided to come back and diving right in front of my bike…I heard a loud bang and I saw in my rear view mirror a cloud of feathers…a bit too dangerous to stop on the freeway and giving her the proper honors so I do that now with all of you followers. I ‘m sure other creatures are enjoying her terrestrial remains.
May her next life be greater!
We stayed a full day even if Karl couldn’t keep surfing on those good waves due to a ding he will need to repair on his board. He met Joe Stinson here, a very nice and interesting man who is going to get married on Monday and that knows old friends of him and lives in Canadensis, close to were Karl grew up! And he’s not a surfer or a guy of his age but certainly a well traveled person and with a great knowledge of spirituality( among many other things!). The world is very small after all.
Today we made it to Panama City. A very boring ride were rain ( yes again!) was with us ( on us) a lot….
Tomorrow oil change, surf shop for a repair kit, pharmacy for sea sickness meds…hopefully time to see things around.


  1. Have a safe passage tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love Mom

  2. Hello muchachos!! I'm having trouble having my cappuccino in the morning without news and pictures from you guys. Please make my cappuccino experience as fun as before. Big hugs Alest

  3. I just found your blog. I'm Carl's haircutter. Great to read your postings.
    Good luck. Take care.