Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cali now...

Yes we are in Cali. Medellin was ok but after all not so exciting, at list in our experience ...big cities are (so far) noisy, polluted and very hard to navigate in, forget the safety and the fact that all is very expensive. We stayed in a super (rip-off)fancy hotel for one night then we move to Picasso Hotel were Geary and CJ that we met in Panama were staying... and it was so much better! But again we did not fall in love with the city...actually we were happy to leave. On a positive note I want to say that people were super nice and helpful. We all got lost soon or later andlocals on small motorcycles offered to lead the way to were we needed to go. All smiling and welcoming. Streets are clean and it looks like a lot of improuvement is happening everywere. It's very easy to struck conversations everywere ( yes even in traffic) and they are all curious and appreciative about our bikes and our trip. I don't see many gringos here and I understand that the reputation of the country used to be not so good but I really think that things have changed and I can see a lot of effort put into it and defenetly an outspoken hope and desire,heard from the few I contacted, to make it even better.
Today we left early for Cali and the hills were really a beauty. Karl's clutch started slipping again and that was a real concern, but we made it to the Casablanca Hostel and after few phone calls we went to the Suzuki dealer 4 blocks away and they immediately took the clutch apart and ordered the new parts...we are very relieved! Again: super nice people and very capable.
Tomorrow the bike should be ready and we'll make a plan for the next move. Cali seems even nicer than Medellin. At list it's smaller. Maybe we'll get some salsa dance lessons! My foot is almost 100% back to normal!

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