Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iximche Tecpan

Sunday we got picked up by our new great friends Johanna and Edwin ( La united y El camion) who drove us to Iximche, Mayan ruins close to Tecpan…

Beautiful setting and great sky( we are in tropical

mountains)…and we had the honor to arrive when the ashes of a fire used the night before for a ritual were still smoldering in front of a site that has seen thousands of years of similar events. I took that as a blessing for our future path.

I also found out about my nagual according to the mayan

calendar… “ 3 I’X ”… the jaguar. Also related to one of the element …tierra…!

And we all got the best parrillata (bbq) ever! Very very good! And the tortillas, made by

hand right there were delicious .

Then we made a plan for the day after when we had to call a couple of shops and then go to Guatemala City to change the tires in a place were they could also do balancing( a very unusual concept here…)

We decided to take a cab into the city with our tires in

it…the safest and easiest way in a labyrinth of unknown streets of a very big city… a bit more espensive but well worth!Reading the news papers here, about crime in this chaotic capital is a bit unsettling….and risking to get lost , even during the day, could be bad. Motorcyclists ( and passengers) here has to have a specia vest with imprinted on the back in a reflective shining large size the same number of the licence plate…just because lots of criminals used to go around on bike and shoot around and run away in the traffic undetected….It appears that this expedient is working well.

Anyway all worked out and we have two new rear tires (balanced)

and ready to go to Tikal magnana.

And tonite we had a very nice dinner celebration with Johanna and Edwin and once again ( but never enough)we want to thank them for the incredible welcome and help that they have given to us.

And again: Antigua is a great, beautiful town. Lots of history, nice people, they even have a surf shop and Rainbow Café is a great place to hang out.

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  1. When in Tikal just go up the tallest building and listen to the sound of the forest all around you... ciao Alest