Thursday, September 17, 2009


And here we are in deligthful Playa Zipolite!
And courtesy of my dearest friend Susanna we are stayng in a wonderful magical place were I can sleep and sleep and sleep and Carlito can surf and surf and surf.
And so we are both very happy…believe me!
The Ocean yesterday decided to give him a strong ritual of initiation. We went for an afternoon swim in shallow water and Karl felt a powerful sting in his right foot…
Waking out of the water Bruno ( a friend owner of this beautiful cabanas/restaurant called Las Casitas) saw us and Karl’s bloody foot and promptly guided us to the local doctor, who confirmed his immediate diagnose: manta ray sting!
And very furtunately he was there and so the doctor. According to past (rare) experiences , the poison of this creature can get extremely painful to the point that made big strong guys crying bent in two…but the doc injected some stuff in the foot and brave Karl experienced only part of the pain. But pain it was and he had to add a couple of shots of local Metzcal to easy it out. A new medicine he higtly appreciated!
He was back on riding waves at dusk again!
Laundry is drying ( my riding jacket was unberably stinky!) and all we have to do is
enjoying this little paradise for a little while.

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