Saturday, September 5, 2009

crossed the first border

Yes. We made it to Ensenada...after many miles (and millions of cars )of lane splitting in a very hot day.
Devin,Karl's cousin, after kindly hosting us at his apartment in LA, escorted us on his KLR all the way accross the most crossed border of the world.Tijuana. What a mess! We had fun!
Ensenada evening is cool and we are enjoying some breaze from the Ocean. Tacos good.
Here two shots from the starting day in SF.


  1. It was great getting to ride with you guys today, I'm glad to hear you've arrived safely. Best of luck on the rest of your journey and I look forward to your blog updates!

  2. Darren B. told me about your trip. I look forward to following along. Good luck and have a blast!

  3. Ciao vagabondo... cuidado con el Chupa Cabra. It's very dangerous and can strike day or nite... buon viaggio Alest