Friday, September 11, 2009

free the freeway

Beautiful Baja adios!
Actual ferry experience:
Surprising good food on the ship.
Stinky and hot as hell Garage.
Great shower!
Met a group of beemers from Guatemala on the way back home.
Karl got sea sickness pills that made him sleep like a baby even after, when we were riding...
Nice breakfast, rain, beautiful people, too much traffic...
Ride to Tepic:
No more money to expensive mexican freeways! La carretera libre is so much beautiful, fun and ( on two weels) not much slower.
Too bad we got separated just entering town and we had to struggle to find each other again....
as soon as we lost site of each other we both went back to the confusing cross road but after
not seing each other for a while( probably like an old mime/clown skit), we tryed to go to the zocalo...but again we were waiting in two different squares! My walkietalkie battery was dead but finally I figure out how to call with my phone,and carlito turned his on! We were in two opposite side of town on rush hour...but finally we reconected. An other 30 minuts to struggle to find a place to stay and finally when I rode inside the garage the very first thing I did I ended up dropping my bike on the side of the van of the hotel's owner...not fun and defenetly embarassing! But ( so far) he's been very gracious and after all I have a nice mex insurance. Almost invisible damage on the van, appreciable damage on my pride.
We have to decide if taking the coast or going inland tomorrow. Weather a strong discriminant.
Watching replay of footage of 9/11 on comment necessary on that.

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  1. Alessandro, Karlito, greetings from NorCal. Great that you are on the road and making your way. Looks like fun from here!

    Good luck,