Saturday, September 26, 2009

more birthday stuff

And so with the joy of wearing dry clean clothes and the welcoming, friendly smile of Johanna we started the evening birthday celebration.
She picked us up at the hotel with her car ( it felt strange to sit in a car!) and after a short ride we were some were in town in a very nice new yorker expat ‘s bar. And, shortly after Makali,a Johanna’s collegue joned us and we toasted to Karl’s life with good local bier, “illegal” metzcal and …pop corns!
Our hosts are working for the Peace Corp and it was quite interesting hearing first hand of some of the wonderful work they are doing in here.
We also discuss some options for the next travel plans with them and listen to their take on the situation.
And I even found a decent guitar in the “secret” metzcal room so we had some metzcal/ital/flamenco (metzitalenco?) improv happening and with the full support of our party I had the best palmeadores ever!
Then time for dinner came and we moved conveniently to next door, were an intriguing Italian expat ownes a very nice restaurant…. Are we really in Guatemala? The tortellini alla bolognese were delicious!
And so it was the various liquors tastes he kept bringing out, together with some of the very interesting stories of his life.
And we even had a cake and a candle for Karl! And he had also his first "La Mordida"( basically gently smashing his face ( this time from Johanna)on the cake while he’s blowing the candle as you can see from the pic). The true Guatemalan cumpleano intitiation experience!
We slept very very well.

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