Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And so finally we made it to the wave!
And so Capitan Carlito got to use the board! After a long but very fun ride with millions of twist and turns we arrived at a nice resort right in front of the water and In minutes he was ready to jump in the Ocean with huge waves and (for me) scary look! But he paddled bravely so far that he almost disappeared and I waited for him until sunset…his smile was priceless! Then after dinner we crashed exhausted but he woke up before sunrise (due to the clock still set backward but also by his excitement) and went out again in the dark….I think he got his fun!
Then we decided to ride to Acapulco… another long stretch…to arrive at another monstrosity…why so many people want to go there? Of course we didn’t go to the ultra expensive resorts that are crowding the all area but still…it’s a zoo! The only cute thing (in our experience) was the painted busses. We stayed in an expensive bad hotel and finally after a so expensive breakfast we decided to keep going on the coast…and there the police was waiting for us! Ah! Two gringos! Ah! They took the wrong turn! Ah! Let’s nail them! And to make a long story short we had to come up with our 1000 pesos donation to the officers that were threatening to take us to the station and to fine us 6000 pesos (we learned that it would have been at the most 1000 anyway, but someone said that it would have been 60…who knows?)… Heard this one before? Oh yea!
Let’s move on! Acapulco nada mas!
And now another cultural info (for those that have not driven down here yet): the left turn signal of the car in front of you means: 1) I turn left so I will slow down2) please pass me, it’s clear. 3) I am passing the car in front of me, so I will accelerate.
When, in the little village, the cab in front of me turned his blinker on I understood option 2 but it was instead option 1 so to avoid a collision a vired with her… to realize that my back tire was …flat! Not fun! But not collision either.Carlito was ahead of me but he came back soon and we found some shade in front at an animal inspection booth where we were welcomed in a very nice way by the two attendants that got very shocked by the rapidity and efficiency of our repair. They were very intrigued by our small compressor and by the ability that Karl showed in plugging the hole caused by a very substantial nail. Very nice guys. And it was a good way to balance the bitter feeling left by the two shady cops….
Anyway… we made it today to Puerto Escondido. Not good for surfing but we got the best sunset ever!
The roads are great and the palmas and the banana trees are definitely a gorgeous fixture in this luscious vegetation. Dogs are slowly adamantly the middle of the roads and few are finding an abrupt end of their life that way too but I can see some Zen attitude in that. Cow, donkeys and good size iguanas had also crossed our path several times. And I saw a squashed couple of snakes that I wouldn’t want to step on if alive. People are generally smiling and waving but we must look to them as Martians with our sweat dripping dark gears. Internet connections sketchy… Please stay tuned. More to come!

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  1. Tanya and I got "fined" by some "police officers" in Costa Rica. Love the country and the people, still, though. Glad you made it past the shady cops.