Monday, September 21, 2009


That's where we are tonite...and most likely we are the only two gringos in town....
The drumming kids were rehearsing pretty loudly but they were having a good time.
The transportation in this trycicles is quite fun too and efficient. The women dress with very long skirts as andalusian gipsy stile and their fierce attitude and soma reminds me something of that culture.
We got our first oil change in Oaxaca this morning and as we rode trough a beautiful thousand and one turns road we got quite strong rain storm so we got soaked but we dried off in 20 minutes, yes it's still hot. The valleys and mountains full of catus and agaves (metzcal)were so pretty....
I got my second tire puncture too... already fixed in the posada parking lot.
Tomorrow off to San Cristobal.

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