Saturday, September 19, 2009


We left a beautiful Zipolite/Sauna early this morning to find ourself freezing on beautiful mountains toward Oaxaca. I think we reached 9000 feet and anyway we saw snow!
It was such a relief!
And so we arrived in this most congested city in a Saturday rush hour and we had to districate ourself in a labirinth of one ways, streets unmarked and honking cars...
And now we are in a posada right close to the Zocalo, were tonite, after meandering in an incredible market full of spices fruits artesania of all kind ,we had the chance to experience an extraordinary marimba band, danzones tradizional and mariachis all playing at the same time in a very energetic,chaotic and happy cacophony. Street vendors selling all kind of artisan items and questionable very bizzare things too...smiling people, kids, beggars,very few gringos and fresh fresh fresh air! We defenetly needed a break from the constant sweat we experienced since LA.
I left the camera at the posada so no pictures of the Zocalo...sorry.

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