Sunday, September 6, 2009

surfing the topes

Left Ensenada, we tried unsuccessfully and a bit impatiently to see the Bufadora( a natural water spray that supposedly goes up 90 feet high on the cliffs coast)... we saw a lot of local tourist's Sunday after all.
Then we decided to continue to Guerrero Negro. There are a lot of "topes" or speed bumps on the road and we hopped on many of them happily...then ( riding behind Carlito)on one ,not passed even very fast, I saw his right case coming off and the surf board dragging it on the road...surfing?
Anyway no damage, but from now on Carlito will check the clamps on the bags more often...
The desert is beautiful (some saguaro cactus are three story high!) and the curvy road just a lot of fun. No pics ... still working on getting everything else working and getting used to the routine of the travel.
I'll try to keep the camera handy tomorrow. At the gas station they warned us that we might find water knee deep in some part of the roads still from the hurricane...we'll check that out!

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