Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

YES! I made it to Ushuaia!
I finally made it to where I wanted to go since long time ago !... ...
With a last minute change in the plan...
I left the bike in Rio Gallego and I took the bus!
A decision very hard to take but that I'm glad I took.
I couldn't face this last 500 km with my physical limitations and with the fierce wind and road conditions I was foreseeing.
And I'm glad I did this. Even the bus ride was pretty rough!
So ...sorry for the full integrity of the trip but I decided at this point better safe than real sorry.
Anyway! I'm here!
And I have so many emotions going on at the same time...
When I opend the champagne bottle that I carried all the way from SF I was shacking and even a bit teary...and I offered some to the Ocean as my toast to all of you that are following this journey and I thanked the Universe that made all of this possible, and of course all of the loving people that helped and supported me. Including Karl, that, as we speak, is sending his bike back to California from Valparaiso. We did a long beautiful and at times hard stretch together and then we took inevitably our detours but still loving each other and we'll celebrate all of this back home some time soon.
Ushuaia is a beautiful town, surrounded by a stunning nature and tomorrow I will explore some of it.
Meanwhile a smile to all from El final del Mundo!
( BTW the date of the blog is wrong....
I arrived in Ushuaia on Sunday, December 6)


  1. Alessandro, let me be the first one to congratulate you on your great achievement! I'm so glad that you've arrived safely. I hope to see you soon.

  2. direi che la missione è stata compiuta!
    bella impresa!
    ora goditi tutto ciò che c'è da godere!
    una abbraccio.

  3. A jouney unfolds in its own way, that the beauty of adventure. Kudos to you and Karl for your courage! Thank you for the vicarious journey I have very much enjoyed watching the trip unfold.
    Namaste,Sat Nam and Amen

  4. I am so happy for you and your journy. What an adventure. I look forward to catching p and hearing about your trip in the future. Have a safe trip home!