Sunday, December 20, 2009


Chiloe' is a very peaceful as a place were it rains almost always and blu as the water that embrace this rolling hills and her rivers and her lakes. A magical island full of intriguing mythological ancient tails grown in misty woods and wild deserted beaches.
People are very nice, although I had hard time on understanding their spanish having all a very thick accent. Smiles are an international language. There are many wooden churches some 300 and more years old and constructed without nails or steel fasteners.
The tide (21 feet!)brings the water line almost a mile from the coast and that is why the old fishermen builded the houses on palafits. And a daily chance to work on their boats!
Xmas is here ( they call it Pasqua here..!?!?) And here it is my version of it.
Happy Holidays from the new baby jesus! ( or is it Santa?)

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  1. You look weird as baby jesus... but maybe it is only because of the bear!