Friday, December 4, 2009

Crossing to the Atlantic

The wind finally was gone yesterday so I started going south on Ruta 40 from Bariloche.
I asked around about it, including a couple of tour agencies and the responses about the status of the roads below Perito Moreno were quite concerned...
I decided that I would be deciding on east or south later and I left the nice and cozy Bariloche. Rested and happy. I had lots of dulce de leche and I even had a chance to play drums on a jazz version of Bach's suites! Fun!
The paved road soon become a paved road in construction and I had to take long stretches on dirt realizing then that my right hand is still not happy with the hurts.
So that, together with the cold, the lenght of the route and some unconfortable feeling of being on a very solitary road made me decide for east...yes I might have missed gorgeous views...but I feel good on my decision.
I could talk at lenght about what this amazing trip is giving to me and it's making me discovering but definetly one is that I need to be aware of my limits and accept them, and make decisions based on the respect of who I am and what I need phisically and emotionally...
And I kept going east(there was nowere to stop really) and I made it all the way to The Ocean! Comodororo Rivadavia. The days are getting longer and there is still light after 9pm. The I found a nice place to stay where, after a nice meal( the only of the day) I slept like a baby... after a long 850km ride(530miles)!
Getting closer to te end of the continent...technically Tierra del Fuego is an island infact and I could stop on Rio Gallegos. But a mith is a mith! So I will take the ferry to the mithical island. Getting closer...

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  1. Alessandro! I've been meaning to catch up on your blog, and had a great time reading it today. Amazing trip, and I found my self wondering how you pack for this. Snow, heat, wow! Sorry to hear about the GPS, yet happy to read that the bikes seem to be running well.

    What incredible pictures as well. Loved the ones of the desert sculptures, such as the hand and the moon on the arch.

    ALMOST THERE!! Amazing.
    Andrew (neighbor)