Thursday, December 10, 2009


I wanted to go to a Penguineira since ever!
I love penguins! Don't I look like one here?
And here I was! In the middle of thousands of them! Cold cold cold wind but a wonderful sunny day on the Magellan straight, and on Isla Magdalena where there is this protected penguins colony.
I would have stayed all day! The interaction in between this birds families is amazing.
Now they are nesting and digging holes in the ground and preparing the nest. Also fighting on their property...but mostly just screaming at each other beak and sort of clumsy dancing puffing up to scare new squatters away.
So cute! And yet it's a serious surviving business they must do in this harsh enviroment. It's summer now so I can only imagine how bad can winter be in here...
Anyway. I had my chain and sprockets and oil change done in Rio Gallego, in a very nice shop ( SM motors) and I'm now in Punta Arenas( Chile). Then I'll go to Puerto Natales were I will take the ferry to Puerto Montt navigating fro 3 days trough the fiords...can't be bad!
More to come!

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  1. Yeah, you look like a penguin... though I don't think you fight on your property, do you?