Friday, December 18, 2009

Ferry Austral

The crowd taking the ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt was certainly a mix of all kind of people.
All kind of languages spoken there and few Italians too, that are also going to Chiloe and maybe I will see again. And of course my brazilian fun new young friends with whom I had a great time, entertaining many on the boat… Italian and brazilian cultures and sense of humor mix very well! But I also had wonderful conversations with many travelers and once again I was pleasantly enjoying the depth of the connections that can happen between people coming from so different backgrounds. And by the exchange of energy that comes from it. This time,among many other wonderful encounters, I got some very deep spiritual positive messages from a chilean truck driver! And once again the 2012 year of the change was mentioned by many and in a very positive way.
And the food was pretty good , and the crew delightful…and … the navigation trought this gorgeous and at times very narrow fiords absolutely amazing!
And it was so good to be able to see this incredible nature without having to freeze my ass and instead going inside on a cozy chair anytime I was getting tired to be exposed to such a powerful harsh nature where the wind was so strong that I had to hold to the rail to walk outside or it would knock me down to the deck. But the air felt clean and renvigorating. And of course condors and seals and otters and dolphins and birds of any kind. And some time we were squeezing and slaloming in places where the rocky sides of the fiords were only 50/60 feet away from us… almost scary! But the Capitan did an excellent job, and without automatic pilot! And he even took a diversion for us to get a very close look to a nice glacier in a cul de sac of a fiord.
Ultimately a great trip! Small cabin, rain and clouds and cold forgiven!
And last evening we even had a great sunset and the sky cleared and the star were amazing and we had a party on the deck and quite a riot of a dancing!
Today I made it to Castro, in the Chiloe' island and I'm enjoying this lovely little place. Tomorrow ( if it's not raining) I'll explore a bit more then Sunday I'll head up north.

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