Monday, December 28, 2009


traveling about four months, in which I touched all four seasons
(I left in the fall, I was here in spring and summer and I will be back in winter).
And after:
about 18,000 miles ( 28000 km),
11 countries crossed ,
2 sets of tires ,4 oil changes, few cop bribes, salmonella, a quasi sinking boat, a couple of pretty bad falls, rain, snow, wind (the strongest ever!), cold, scorching heat, too many aduanas, too much meat,not enough road signs...
Nature ,nature , nature, and more incredible nature,
People, people, people… wonderful people.
Tierra, Madre Tierra…
I’m on my way back to my favorite home.
But this will not be an end. Infact (as I read written on a pick up on my last ride here):
La Vida eres el camino,no el destino.
That can be read:
Life is the journey, not the arrival.
And the journey keeps going!
In this lag of my journey I had the privilege and the luck to see so much, to smell, to taste, to feel so much, to experience so much, to be challenged in so many ways, to encounter so many wonderful people, even to play on the back of a pick up truck on the streets of Valparaiso for Xmas( thanks to the deligthful Villa Kunterbunt crew), and to do many other bizarre things but ultimately to get to know more about myself.
And this would have not been possible without the love and support of my dears and of many new friends I met along the way.
So, thanks to all of you , and to the Universe.
Amor, Paz y Luz.


  1. If we don't see the draw of the borders anymore, we will be lighter and, maybe, closer.

  2. hello alessandro, congratulation also for your trip as well as a happy new year ! i'm nearly settled back home and looking for a new job already. many greetings and happy trails, from lutz (we met at villa kunterbunt)